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General Management

  • Antoine Lebrun

    Director General
  • Liesbet Willems

    Executive Assistant of CEO

People & Organization

  • Lisa Bentes

    Head of Human Resources
  • Nathalie Wouters

    Human Resources Manager
  • Alain Flabat

    Head of Finance & Administration
  • Maggy Schollaert

  • Hassan Benyahia

    IT & Office Manager
  • Anne Dierick

    Administration Support
  • Erika Liongo

    HR Administrator/Accounting support


  • Fabienne Damsin

    Public Engagement Director
  • Aurélien Lurquin

    Fundraising Manager
  • Catherine Renard

    Fundraising Expert
  • Bruno Venti

    Supporters Service Officer
  • Joeri Devroey

    Supporters service officer
  • Bernadette Jacquemin

    Database Manager
  • Dominique Weyers

    Philanthropy advisor
  • Mirthe Martinius

    Supporters Service Officer


  • Ioana Betieanu

    Head of Communication
  • Koen Stuyck

    Press Manager & Spokesperson NL
  • Jessica Nibelle

    Press Manager & Spokesperson FR
  • Wendy Schats

    Copywriting & Publishing Officer
  • Florence Platteau

    Social Media Officer
  • Nadia Ajaji

  • Maryssa Cools

    Network Relations Officer
  • Anne-Lise Martin

    Events Officer
  • Lara Lejeune

    Press trainee

Youth programs

  • Sara De Winter

    Head of Youth programs
  • Leen De Laender

    Kids Program Officer
  • Caroline Steygers

    Rangerclub Officer
  • Laura Dehaene

    Kids Program Officer
  • Marie Suleau

    Education Officer
  • Rebecca Lévêque

    Rangerclub officer and support education

Policy & Business Engagement

  • Sofie Luyten

    Policy Director
  • Sofie Ruysschaert

    Wildlife Policy Officer
  • Julie Vandenberghe

    Climate & Energy Policy Officer
  • Sarah Vanden Eede

    Oceans & Fisheries Policy Officer
  • Béatrice Wedeux

    Forest Policy Officer
  • Olga Szczodry

    Biodiversity and Monitoring Expert
  • Monica Schuster

    Food and Agriculture Policy Officer
  • Emilie Van Der Henst

    Project Manager - Cybercrime
  • Florian DEBEVE

    Project Administrator - Cybercrime

Field Programs

  • Isabelle Vertriest

    International Programs Director
  • Françoise Ansay

    Program manager
  • Gregory Claessens

    Program manager
  • Céline De Caluwé

    Program manager
  • Jerome Laycock

    Program manager
  • Mone Van Geit

    Program manager
  • Pepijn T'Hooft

    Program manager
  • Corentin Rousseau

    Program manager
  • Laurence Hanon

    Monitoring and Evaluation/Program Manager

Hosted staff

  • Vinciane Sacré

    EU-TWIX Project Manager
  • Magdalena Norwisz

    Programme Support Officer
  • Juan Hendrawan

    Coordinator Legacy Fundraising & Knowledge Management, Global Development Centre
  • Bas Verhage

    Director, Congo Basin
  • Rucha Naware

    Media Relations Manager
  • Thibault Ledecq

    Senior Forest Advisor & Coordinator, Mekong/Asia region
  • Kanika Kohli

    Media Specialist


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