Internship Policy Department - Junior Consultant Support NL

How to improve nature connectivity in Belgium?

Your role:

WWF Belgium is looking for a great “Intern - Junior Consultant NL” to join our Policy and Business department. This role will also give the opportunity to work closely our Field Projects ‘Nature in Belgium’ Team!

Period: August-September-(October) 2020 (we are flexible: number of days to be decided)

Location: Emile Jacqmainlaan 90, 1000 Brussel

A bit of context:

The lack of connectivity between the different nature areas in an urbanized country as Belgium is one of the most important threats towards biodiversity conservation and restoration in Flanders and Wallonia. In the past two decades, several initiatives with dedicated budgets of (local) governments, research institutions and NGOs have been developed and implemented to tackle this issue on different scales (local to regional). The 2019 Flemish and Walloon Governmental Declarations, and the respective policy notes of their environmental ministers, all include objectives to increase connectivity in Belgium (e.g. through the planting of hedges). It is yet unclear to what extent these existing initiatives and commitments are sufficient and complementary enough to tackle the issue effectively and mitigate the threat in our fragmented landscapes; what are the remaining gaps and what more needs to be done?

Main tasks:

  • Desktop research: review of available documents (legal and policy context, inventory of existing initiatives)
  • Stakeholders mapping and analysis; interviews with Key Experts after careful selection
  • Gap analysis and formulation of recommendations (to possible extent)

As the context is significantly different in Flanders and Wallonia, we seek to implement these tasks separately (by 2 people) for both regions.

It is preferred that the person works at least 2-3 days a week from the WWF office in Brussels to facilitate the exchange of information and follow-ups in due time. This hosting schedule will be agreed at the start of the assignment. WWF will cover expenses and offer an appropriate remuneration.

Required skills and profile:

  • Master’s in Science (Biology or similar, recently graduated); Legal background/interest is a plus
  • Interest in Policy and Governance
  • Ability to familiarize quickly with complex files
  • Good organizational and structural skills
  • Strong level of Dutch; French and English are an asset

Your Supervisor: Sofie Ruysschaert (WWF Belgium Team Policy & Business)

Your Co-supervisors: Corentin Rousseau and Pepijn T'Hooft (WWF Belgium Team Field Programs ‘Nature in Belgium’)

If interested, please send your application before 15 July 2020.